There are some specific requirements to install the 'Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal' on macOS.

The Lazarus wiki covers the installation of the IDE on macOS in detail - "Ref. Installing Lazarus on MacOS X". There do appear to be slight changes as new versions of Lazarus are released as might be expected and the wiki may take time to catch up.

As a mainly 'laboratory' environment we are detailing here installation under our own environent. The components required to run "Lazarus" were downloaded and installed as per the Wiki and in the order specified. Install sequence for macOS - 10.14.3 Mojave.

Xcode - 10.1 - already present Xcode Tools - 10.1 - already present.

'gdb' debugger - installed via Macports, but not used as latest Lazarus IDE can use 'lldb' that comes with macOS. Instructions for using the new debugger are given in the Lazarus forum note. Using 'lldb' link in Lazarus IDE

Freepascal - : FPC for 32 and 64 bit Intel - file downloaded from SOURCEFORGE FREE PASCAL

Freepascal sources - fpc-src-3.0.4-macosx.dmg : file downloaded from SOURCEFORGE LAZARUS

Lazarus IDE - lazarus-2.0.0RC3-i686-macosx.dmg : file downloaded from SOURCEFORGE LAZARUS

SOURCEFORGE LAZARUS also has the Freepascal compiler file for download, but we have used the latest 'a' version from the specific compiler only SF page. We cannot confirm which version is included on the Lazarus page, or the version of the FPC sources on that page, but assume they are just the basic '3.0.4' versions and not the '3.0.4a' version.

We have no specific requirement for debugging in Pascal but have followed the ability of the latest version of the IDE to use the 'lldb' debugging app which now comes with macOS instead of the previous 'gdb' app. Pascal programs that are 'command line only' - i.e. they run in 'Terminal' only are working ok.

The only issue we have is that attempts to use the 'GUI' interface in programs result in


	Pascal Variables

var one = 1;
var two: Integer = 2;
Swift Variables

var three = 3
var four: Int = 4
Pascal Constants

const five = 5;
const six: Integer = 6;
Swift Constants

let seven = 7
let eight: Integer = 8